Wow. Just wow.

So I’m so far keeping to my promise to myself to stop messaging people needlessly, be less of an attention seeker, and generally be a nicer person.


I feel so much better in myself. There aren’t any ignored messages, no feelings of ‘Oh gosh I’m a menace, I’m hated, they hate me’, no exasperated replies.

It sounds so simple yet… it’s brilliant. I can keep this up, I feel like I have more freedom, I’m not valuing myself on someone elses response to me and it’s AWESOME.

So yeah, that’s that. I’m currently in a Cafe Nero in Bangor (bit of a change from York). I’m visiting my oldest friend and fellow nutjob who’s studying here. She’s in lectures so I’ve wandered around and found coffee.

This is going to be a short one. I have nothing else to write.

Keep going up life.

(I’ve also seen an old Tyne class and an old Watson class lifeboat which just awakened the geek in me and made me happy)


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