This is a blog post in replacement of a Facebook status that I think I’d regret. Heavily.

I’ve an urge to be open with people. Not about everything, not to the extent of making this blog public, but enough so that people can understand. I want them to know. 

I don’t want to hide.

I truly feel that this is coming from my ability to be able to talk to people, to say what is really going on. Today I was with the rescue boat, my second family and it was amazing. I was speaking openly, they were so kind and caring, and I’m legitimately welling up just thinking about it. It was fantastic, and I got face paint (see picture below). 

I feel brave. Or stupid. I don’t know what it is yet. I’m just fed up and of hiding in the shadows. 

I want to be able to live as me.

I’m going to do it. I’m going to open a part of my life that has been closed off except to a select few. I’m going to say what and for how long.

I’m going to become me. I’ll let you know how it goes. 


5 thoughts on “I need to be open

  1. I feel the need to say something, and my brain can’t quite find any words that don’t sound a little wrong but I’ll try and please forgive me if it’s patronising or anything… Go for it! I’m sinking myself at the moment, but reading these words… honestly this is the most fantastic thing. You should never have to hide, although I know how hard it is not to. Maybe the prison our thoughts can put us in is easier to handle if there are other people there with you reaching through the bars. I hope it all goes well. Look where you’ve come from, look where you are now. It isn’t where you want to be, but it’s closer than you ever thought possible such a short time ago. That’s something to be proud of. It’s something that leaves me a little in awe of you. Keep doing what you’re doing. You said at the end of your last post that pigs do fly. No they don’t – you do. Right here, right now – you do. Open is a good thing to be. It’s lighter, freeing. I hope it brings a positive change

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      1. That’s great to hear! You’ve gone for it, now that you’re flying keep on going! This is honestly amazing to read. So incredible that the huge risk you took has paid off and you should stop and appreciate how big of a deal it was to take that step and how daunting it seemed but YOU DID IT ANYWAY. I hope you stay up in the stratosphere.

        I would say things with me are currently the opposite of that, but I’m hoping that’ll change. Thanks for asking.

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