Last night I was shown both sides of humanity. 

If you know York, you’ll know Millenium Bridge (the one with the pretty lights). If you were walking on it and passed someone sat on the railings what would you do? A) tell them they can jump, B) ignore them, or C) be the one person who stopped and tried to help. 

I had every one of those last night. Two A, countless B, one C. It says a lot really, if it’s not affecting you you don’t care. Why would it bother you if one more person ended up in the Ouse? It’s just another newspaper story. 

All it took was one C. I can’t remember his name, but he was an artist on his way home to his wife. He has two children, and he is the only person crossing that bridge who spared a thought for someone who was stood on the other side of the railings crying. 

It’s similar to something a little while ago, when I was on a different bridge with a different person holding on to me. Then it was a group that stopped, last night it was one. 

Next time none? 
If you ever pass someone, do something. If you can safely do so, wrap your arms around their torso. If you can’t reach them, call the emergency services. Don’t leave them. It could only take one more idiot telling them to jump to push them. 

Be human.
To the man who was human last night, thank you. 


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