I’ve had a crap week. Sums it up pretty well that. 

Woke up last Monday and depression just hit me like two tonnes of masonry. It was just black, my guard came crumbling down. I have lost contact with support systems so yeah, the situation hasn’t been great. 

That was until Wednesday; Monday, Tuesday, and until 1907 Wednesday I was on my own in a very bad place. What happened Wednesday? The best network I could have hoped for sprang to life. The boat team kind of came aware (couldn’t really hide it) and haven’t budged. No matter what time or where, I’ve been cushioned by the feeling that people actually care and want to help – I’m trying my best to ignore the fact that it is their job. They honestly seem to want what is best. 

This is strange; I’m not saying that people haven’t tried to help me before, but it’s been very different. They get fed up and annoyed; as far as I can tell, the team aren’t… I really hope so anyway. I don’t know why it feels strange, maybe it’s because it is their job – despite it they’re still going above and beyond to help me, me who they’ve only known for a few months. 

That’s it. They have no obligation, no ties, but they’re still trying. It doesn’t matter. I keep being told I’ve signed myself into a crazy family and I really have.

The best family you could ever want. 

The best office for the best team


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