I haven’t written anything in over two weeks and there’s a simple reason for that: life is good, life is staying good. Seriously. I don’t get it.

Where to start where to start… I sent my UCAS off for nursing, after much deliberation. I came to the conclusion that the likelyhood of getting funding was extremely low, and so at 1243 on 15th January I sent it off saying ‘Let’s see what could have happened’. Since then I’ve been offered a funded postgraduate… in nursing. I’m not sure how it’s happened either… from a BA to an MSc? If anyone can explain, please do…

Volunteering at the hospital! That’s take off, I’m on the stroke ward. It’s really very incredible. Some patients are ‘meh’ and you forget them fairly easily, some are gems that you never want to leave. I can’t go into too much because, confidentiality is a thing I am now having to strictly obey. But it’s good.

On a similar note, I’m training as part of the operating crew for the York Rescue Boat. Long cold nights, but worth it, so so worth it. It’s even gotten me thinking that I might head back to the beach this summer. I miss the RNLIfe. 

Dissertation and final recital? All prepared. Tutoring? Going very well. Conducting? A brilliant concert last week, could not be happier with it. Housemates and friendships? Couldn’t be better. 

So what’s coming up; I have some of my idols coming to the band I conduct OH THATS NOT A BIG THING. Yeah… cannot WAIT for that. I’ll be the geeky pile in the corner… 

Life is currently good. Obviously not everything is perfect, but that would be greedy and I wanted this to be a happy post so I’m leaving those out for now. 

This is a happy post from a happy me.


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