I have evaluated myself and come to the conclusion that I am obviously a complete cow.

I’ll start with the good things, all of my university work is done for hand-in: all done. Just needs printing but it’s done. I’m vaguely happy with it.

That’s all the good things… 

My last post was pointed and frustrated and this one will sadly be very similar. Because it’s making me feel rubbish. So I’m writing about it.

My housemate. No clue if he’s reading now or not, apparently not. Apparently didn’t see my last post and so had no clue about why I was trying to be rid of the extra limb I’ve gained, but hey; he asked, I said. I said it, I told him. Told him the effect, told him what he was doing and the response?

The same, the exact same as every other time I’ve told him. Just an apology and saying he won’t do it again… so that was promptly dismissed.

Didn’t last a day anyway.

Talking about going for a run, I’m talking about it and so is he. The difference? I’m referring to myself and he’s talking ‘we’. 

Er… no. I was talking first person, running by myself. When did you invite yourself along? 

So yes, I’m a cow. 

I’m sorry, you can probably tell how annoyed I am. It’s just so frustrating, I want time to myself and I simply don’t get it because… they are constantly there. They are the only person I’ve met who doesn’t get it. I’m being really pointed and almost cruel now, but like (I think) I said, my New Years resolution is not to put up with stuff that makes me feel like this. I can’t.

Oh, I’m also a cow because after I finished my work yesterday I just thought ‘I can’t be bothered, I’m just gaming for the rest of the day’ and they were constantly sat there, and I mean constantly. Work with them, but not a single thing done. They have exams and they’re not doing anything I can’t get over that in people. It’s part of me, if people have something to work for I get stressed for them if they don’t care. Also, because… I’ve worked really really hard to get to where I am and I see people who just don’t bother and… it makes my blood boil.

Pointed this out many times. Apparently I don’t give them enough credit. Excuse me, you’ve done nothing today and you admitted that. You hardly did anything ladt term and you admitted that. You did nothing in the holidays, you told me that. I give people the credit they deserve, so don’t try and guilt trip me into apologising for pointing out facts (as you’ve told me)
I’m sorry. Another whiney, moany post. I feel moany. I need a little moan. Hopefully I can write about something that’s actually important soon, because me being a cow is not one of them, it’s not what this blog is for, yet I’m having to use it as such. 

I conclude for you that I am a cow.


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