Ok, I’m a music student.

Sterotypically this doesn’t make me as smart as scientists or mathematicians. I don’t have to work, simply play an instrument for my degree, and am essentially to dumb to do anything else.

But guess what.

I needed the same qualifications as you to get into a Russell Group university. I have gone through a tougher process to get my offer, having to submit 4 pieces of work, then have an interview and audition whilst doing my A levels. Now times that by 5 and you have my UCAS process.

You don’t like that so you dont accept it. I am also doing a course that has no answers; no tests where there is right or wrong, no lectures where it’s all laid out, no books that have clear answers. I have timelines and opinions and I have to make a degree out of that. I have to make my own connections between opinions and books, try and deduce what is deemed as the ‘right’ answer in my topic. 

There’s another thing; my lectures cover decades of information. We cannot learn it all in lectures. If you have an essay topic that actually relates to something you have been taught you are incredibly lucky. 90% of the time I have to start my research from scratch because it simply cannot be covered in the lectures. 

In my degree I cover history, politics, mathematics (yes, seriously), sociology and psychology, medicine, geography, law and technology. I cover so many subjects it’s hard to keep track.

I can’t come home and switch off; there’s and instrument there to practise, there’s a rehearsal then to go to. I can’t walk out of a lab and stop the practical side, I live with the practical side of my degree. It goes on holiday, it goes home, I sleep two metres away from it. There’s no switching off.

I am a music student. It does not make me stupid. It means we have different knowledge and neither of us have any right to decide what the other knows.

*I am not insulting any scientists or mathematicians. I’m just seriously fed up with people who are for the above reasons.


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