This is relevant to my last post. So so relevant.

I was right. There’s no doubt left in my mind. This person, who has caused so much trouble and worried and stressed so many people, is a manipulative little liar (may sound strong, but I’m still angry four days later). I just can’t get my head around it… how could someone do that? How could they have such a desperate need for attention that they end up triggering health conditions in others (I’m not talking about me) to the point where they’re genuinely in danger? I’m just angry, and I still can’t do anything about her.

The strangest thing, though, is where I found the information that made me very nearly physically sick. It’s the last place I would have looked, and I wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t gotten bored… YouTube search history.

Yeah, seriously. YouTube. This is what I found there:

If any explanation can be given for what is essentially a study of how to faint, then please let me know… turns out I really didn’t want to believe this.

There are four scroll lists of similar searches. It’s… it’s basically a ‘How to faint’ search. A couple of searches for one programme, that can be explained, but this? No, I can’t think of anything else.

I’m shaking again. When I first found it I kind of went into shock: it’s far worse than I thought it would be. I didn’t actually want to find it, I wanted to know what was going on, but I didn’t want to find out.

This wasn’t the only thing I found, but it’s the only one I can put on here without breaking anonymity. I have all of the evidence we need, but no proof, nothing we can take to someone and say ‘Look’ without us getting into trouble for how we obtained it (‘us’ is a group of six and growing). It’s a serious accusation, and there is still a tiny chance we’re wrong – but we’re not.

I know we’re not. Nothing stacks up to what we’ve been told. It all stacks up to this person being a scheming, manipulative thing. The medication on their ‘diagnostic letter’ (which I am now fairly sure is forged) simply cannot be given to them; one of the medications listed is not to be given to patients of the condition, and the other should not be prescribed to them as their resting heart rate is too low (information obtained from the EMA). If it’s genuine and they’ve been prescribed these, their doctor should be sacked.

I don’t know how to deal with this, I don’t know where to go from here. We’re spreading the information to people who need to know (we have to, we don’t have a choice really) but we can’t go higher and we can’t go to the people we need to go to because the information we have wasn’t exactly gained transparently. Most of what we do have is based on behaviour, the lies we’ve been told and pictures off their phone that disprove a lot.

I honestly don’t know what to do


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