Like the title says. Not a very big thing, but it’s a good step up and it’s managing to simultaneously make me happy and sad. Such is life. 

This thing? I went to the gym. 

Why is that an achievement? Because I haven’t had the mental energy to persuade myself to go in months. Because I haven’t felt able to put lycra on and see myself in the mirror. Because I have felt like such a garbage heap it’s really messed me up.

I hadn’t realised how much of a problem my mental health had been until I was there yesterday, and wondering how long it had been. Then I was wondering why it had been that long. 

I’m hoping this is a corner turned, I’m planning my life around gym sessions again, and that can only be a good thing. Exercise has always been a quick fix for me, I love it and it makes me feel physically; mentally and (dare I say it?) visually better. I achieved something.

Haven’t felt that for a while.

(Oh, and I ran 7km. I have not run that far in 51 weeks. I don’t know what happened.)


One thought on “I achieved something

  1. YES!!! Such an achievement! This makes me so happy to read. Exercise is an amazing thing, it’s incredibly good for the body and for the mind like you say! So glad you’ve taken such a huge step and started to enjoy the awesomeness of exercise again. I’m hoping to do the same


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