Today started as a slightly nervous wreck.

Well no, it started off with me being in bed beyond 0630 which was lovely. This is because today I was not working on the farm, but performing with one of my bands. If I’m honest, I haven’t played with them since September (I had a bit of a breakdown with them). I was nervous as at the show last year it ended with me on the floor with a (rather good looking) St John Ambulance worker looking after me. I was welcomed back, however, and it was fantastic to be around friends again.

It was a long and hot day. My bloods dropped and rose like mad. But it was a fantastic day. I enjoyed it immensely. I’m now a tutor for my old youth band and I’ve also put my name forward to be the band’s new MD as the current one is leaving after 10 years.

I’ve returned to a place that was black and full of bad memories, and I fought through it. I fought through it to the point where I’m committing myself to them again. That, my friends, is a huge step forward for me.

I’m proud of myself.


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