So I toddled to the doctors today. Fun trip. Not.

My surgery has a sit and wait clinic, where you can turn up in the morning and get put on a list to see a doctor that morning. It’s very useful if you can’t wait for an appointment. I was, of course, going for my blood sugars. Ten minutes before we got there, my vision was swimming and I felt like jelly. I was sat down and my glucose levels were taken: LO. It wasn’t even a number. My bloods had dropped off the scale. I’m surprised I was still able to walk, but I did. A bottle of lucozade got shoved into my hand and the order ‘Drink’ was given more than on a fresher’s night out. Got to the surgery, got my name on the list, then went and sat right outside and had two cereal bars, the rest of the lucozade, and four glucose tablets. I picked up enough to go for a hot chocolate before my appointment, which also helped me to pick up. 

I was really very nervous about seeing the doctor. I was scared that they were just going to dismiss is as a dietary thing, despite what I and my friend (the one who went up to Durham and who has been a solid rock through this silliness) said. However, it was a doctor who knows me and knows that I don’t like having things wrong with me any more than they need to be. He listened, and he recommended action when I do drop and ordered blood tests to be done that very morning. He’s exploring everything he can, and has asked for me to keep a more detailed log of my levels for when I next see him. 

I wasn’t dismissed. I wasn’t ignored. 

It gave me a boost. This whole health episode (it’s been going on long enough and severely enough for me to call it that I feel) has been having quite an impact on me; night alarms are stopping me from sleeping well, I’m feeling limited in my day to day activities even though I’m not, I’m feeling awful whenever my glucose levels plummet, and I’m getting scared by it all. It’s not normal so why is it happening? Having the GP listen and accept and realise that something is very wrong really really helped, and my friend and boyfriend were amazing this morning and have been over the past week. But the feelings this is causing is sending me on a downward spiral, I can just feel it. 

It’s not just my mental health this is affecting. Low blood sugar causes an increase of adrenaline I’m your system, and I’m getting a LOT of adrenaline through my heart which is making my tachycardic and keeps causing spasms of pain as my heart protests at the strain it is under. I didn’t mention this to my GP, I feel it’s more something I need to take straight to my cardiologist.

But I’m worried. On all health fronts I am concerned. Not overly, but I’ve a horrible feeling that non of them will go away overnight.

Despite this, however, I feel lighter. My doctor exceeded expectations of what I thought would happen today, and I feel like I’ve been listened to and not fobbed off. I feel positive about the progress. 


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