I am shattered. Not just from work, but yesterday I was marching at Durham Miners Gala in… Durham, surprisingly! It was fantastic, despite the 4am start! Argh, the atmosphere, the banding ‘insults’, the people, it was really a day to remember. 

I love brass bands. I really do.

It was also a day to remember for other reasons:

3.1. 2.4. 1.8. 1.3. 

These were some of my blood sugar readings throughout the day. I spent a lot of time being hypoglycemic for an solute no reason: I was eating, I’d had so many hot chocolates, haribo and lucozade, and other various fizzy beverages from various pubs. My bloods had no reason to be low.

Yet around 6pm I was semi conscious with a pulse through the roof and a bg of 1.3… and an ambulance crew.

I usually despair with ambulances, and sadly this was not better. They focused on my ARVC, saying that my bg wasn’t causing this. I don’t remember much and couldn’t formulate sentences or even words, but if I could I probably would have gotten very annoyed. I know my heart. I know when it’s racing and straining for its own reason. The problem was my blood glucose causing it. 

Things weren’t much better initially when we got to the hospital. People were assuming I hadn’t eaten or drunk throughout the day and I almost felt victimised by that. It took a while for me to actually talk to a doctor straight about it, and when I did she listened and the attitude of the staff changed considerably afterwards. I had an absolutely lovely nurse come and take care of me, and she was understanding and funny and just generally lovely. It really cheered me up. She even collared the doctor to see if he was happy for me to go without him seeing me because we had to catch a train, and she also got a taxi sorted from the hospital to the station so we could get back to York before 9am the next day.

There were many heroes for me that day, and she was certainly one of them. Another is one of my greatest friends who, when I texted him mid morning about a bg of 1.8, caught the next train he could from York to Durham with various hypo paraphernalia (he’s diabetic). He helped me test and treat throughout the day, made a record of all my bg tests and times (about 80% below safe levels), and stayed with me in hospital. I could not have asked for a better companion.

Another shout out to the band I was with… it wasn’t my band! Thankfully they know me pretty well, and saw me testing throughout the day so it wasn’t a complete shock. However they were fantastic, they held the coach, sorted my things, took people’s numbers, and we’re genuinely brilliant and so so supportive.

I feel horrible for having marred what was a fantastic day. I highly doubt they’ll ask me to do anything with them again (which is a shame because I like them and they pay me) but I completely understand that: they didn’t sign up for the problems I caused. They were still fantastic though, and really very supportive.

So now I’ve another issue that I can’t really ignore: my blood glucose can plummet from a normal level to 1.3 in 20 minutes. That is dangerous. I need to get that sorted.

But I’m scared of something else being broken inside me.


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