So things have gone up.

The concert happened. I wasn’t in it. Managed with that surprisingly well.

Out with band right now, been told a post is probably not a good idea, as I’m more than a little drunk. Oh well.

Yeah, alcohol. I like alcohol. Sorry if this is incoherent, I’ll most likely delete it tomorrow.

My second year has officially finished with this performance (which I ironically wasn’t in… through my own choice though, I hasten to add) and I feel far lighter. I don’t know why, but I do. I feel like I  could fly away, sing and dance, just… me. Normal me.

I had a pretty bad point about an hour into said concert: I tried to cut a vain open, and failed because of a blunt knife. A blunt knife. That’s what saved me.

Words can’t say how glad I am because of it. I’ve just got a slightly red mark from it, but nothing major. I’ve got everything to thank for that.

Everybody has helped me through this. Everyone I love and care about, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

I feel so loved at the minute. I’m spreading that out to anyone who is struggling now.  You are loved, by me if no one else.


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