Self explanatory title.

I’m going to my meeting and I’m telling the university everything there is to know: about me, about my friend who’s causing it, and about the others who are struggling. I’m not going to tell them that I’m doing it; some will want to go with me, and others will try and stop me altogether, but I feel it needs to be done. The impact is spreading far, and it’s growing in the stress and pain that it’s causing.

The backlash is going to be awful, for both of us. I can’t say for certain what will happen, but it’s going to change our term quite a lot. I only hope that I’ll manage to hold myself together to help support her. Ironically it’s that that’s brought me to this decision, but I’m going to be the cause it so I can help minimise it.

It’s going to be really hard.

I’m a horrible person.


4 thoughts on “I’ve made up my mind

  1. You’re certainly not a horrible person.

    I’m loving your blog (followed!) but I would also like to invite you to submit a short piece to my own. I think your perspective and style of writing would be a perfect piece for my project.

    It’d also be a great way to get your blog/writing out there.

    Please feel free to email me (jennifer@youngandtwenty) with more questions, or take a look at the ‘BEING Young & Twenty’ page on my blog.

    I hope I’ll hear from you 🙂


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