Yeah, it’s been a while. Hi.

Why is it that when depression hits you, it stays? It’s stupid.

I’m not going to write much, just to get my feelings out. There aren’t many at the minute. I’m going to take that as a good thing.

One thing I am feeling is guilt though. I snapped at someone yesterday when they didn’t do anything wrong. I was about to do a concert and all they did was ask a perfectly valid question and, I don’t know why, stress or whatever, I replied in a way I wouldn’t normally and I feel horrible about it. I apologised afterwards, and he was so nice about it which just makes me feel worse. It’s almost like I want him to be annoyed or angry about it.

I’ve got my transfusions, two of them (yay). The next two Thursdays. Hopefully they’ll help me physically, and if I’m feeling better physically my brain will sort itself out? I don’t know.

That’s kind of it. I’m not really feeling anything to write.


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