So there was a while back when a friend of mine found this blog, and then lied to me about continuing to read it after If asked on here for them to stop.

I’ve got to ask again. Not the same person, a different one. You may just think that I’m being paranoid, but I wouldn’t write this without a strong suspicion.

Please do not read this. You know who you are, you know I have a blog, and if you’ve found it then please just leave me to it. If you want to read, fine: Hi, nice to meet you. But this is my diary, where I can write when I need and you know how important that is; you know how much I need this.

How can I write when I’m being scrutinised? It’s going to be hard enough anyway now, knowing what you’ve read and what you’ve learnt, but how am I supposed to talk and open up when I can’t trust people? How will it help?

So if you want to continue reading, then do, add to your list of secrets. But it won’t be me writing any more. I won’t be able to use this as I need, and I definitely won’t be able to turn to you for help.

Please please please don’t do this.


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