What’s going to happen? An evening of fun with band, that’s what.

Yeah, psychologist happened, and it was a very good meeting. I said everything that needed to be said, and I am so proud of myself for that. Ironically, we had my two very good friends sat in chairs, and then two other people also in the room before we got on to the hallucinating; she just looked at the chairs and started laughing and saying ‘In context, getting you to envisage them probably hasn’t helped’. But that was wrong, it did, it so so did: they weren’t there but I could imagine their looks if they were there, I could imagine what they’d be saying if I didn’t. So it all got talked about, and she’s going to have a chat with another psychologist about me before discussing what to do further. I’m ok with that. It’s such a weight gone! To actually get it all out to someone who can do something about it, it’s so much better!

I’m still feeling a bit shaky and a bit teary (not a common occurrence), but I think tonight will help that, which is why I’m looking forward to it. The big cloud isn’t there, and that’s the important part. I just wish others were able to open up sooner about what’s affecting them, then they could get the support and help they need far sooner. It makes for a far better quality of life, but people are so scared: don’t get me wrong, what they’re experiencing is surely quite terrifying, but we’re all people and there is no such thing as faulty goods where we are concerned. Just variations of human, and if there were no variations we’d have died out centuries ago.

Whatever is happening, you can talk out and I can assure you they’ll have heard it all before, it wouldn’t be new and they’ll be able to help: you won’t be locked up, you won’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but you’ll have the help you need. Don’t be afraid ❤

This evening? People I love and board games: we know how to student.



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