It’s week 10, the second to last official day of term. I made it.

I haven’t done well this term. I’ve been having anxiety attacks all over the place, my stress levels are through the roof, I’ve spent a fair bit of time wanting to cry.

Plusses? I know who my friends are. I’ve got such a support network around me.

Sadly that’s all I can say there. I’m trying to think of good things to say about people, about term, but my brain won’t let me. I was meeting a friend at 1 and I’m still in bed. I’ve a concert tonight but I’m scared to go. I’m losing my grip again as the holiday approaches. Well, no, I’ve lost it. I don’t feel safe. I’ve had too much stress this term, either from work, money, or people, some deliberately caused some not.

I’m at the stage where I can’t write. It’s a little worse than I hoped. I don’t feel safe and I don’t know what to do.


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