This doesn’t need to be a long post, so it isn’t going to be.

Alright, so sending the emails wasn’t as bad as the three of us thought it would be. I believe this is because of some new information we got a couple of hours before, but I don’t know. They’re done: they’re sent and they’re being acted upon. It’s out of our hands, and we can’t deny that that is for the best.

This week has really picked up; the black clouds are dissipating really quite well, and I’m not the only one who’s noticed! It’s great when people notice I’m cheery and ‘light’, as one bander described it, but I think that also means that they notice me when I’m down… but they notice and care, which I didn’t realise. I thought I’d gotten good at hiding it.

But like I said, the clouds have gone, and although we’ve had lots of rain and snow (!) in York, my metaphorical sun is shining through (I just glanced outside to see if there was literal sun. Sadly no, but there are gaps of blue sky). Not a long post, but a good post.


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