I’ve given up. Caring about some things is stupid and just hurts.

Kate (housemate) didn’t realise I was in yesterday when she had friends around and said many untrue things about me. I don’t care as much because I know it’s not true, but it’s the fact that she’s doing that. Playground tactics. Trying to get people to pick ‘sides’ (we share a lot of friends). I also don’t care as much because I was with the same people later that day and they were saying how amusing they find it all. They’re not picking sides, no one is. We’re not 5 and what would the point be?

But it still hurts. I don’t like people who do that. I know it’s kind of what I’m doing here, but it’s either I do it here or stoop to her level of childishness and say this to friends. I know which I’d rather do; write it anonymously to people who don’t know me. Again, the purpose of this blog.

Sorry about that. Short post, just to get it out of my system.


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