I have a small dilemma that’s been eating away at me for a little while now. This blog is anonymous so I can be open and be myself because no-one knows who I am.

But I’ve been wondering: can I be honest when I don’t have an identity? Is it right? I remember when that person was reading in Germany (it was someone I knew who kept on reading) and I was terrified about it, I felt betrayed, almost violated. Would that be an issue if I gave a name? To be honest, it wouldn’t take a lot to find one, I just trust people on here. But if I gave a name, would I be able to accept people I know finding this? Would I be able to be open and honest in the first place?

I think handing my identity over would make this blog redundant as it’s supposed to be somewhere I can just be me and type whatever I need without it coming back. I just feel like… like a maskless identity in a mask. Yes, that, and it’s confusing.



One thought on “Honesty?

  1. “Can I be honest when I don’t have an identity?” What an interesting question! You can be factual, I think, without revealing your self – but there is a profound sense in which honesty is tied to self-revelation and identity – to that kind of personal responsibility.

    But this is a really deep question. I am not saying that dishonesty is the only alternative for an anonymous writer. By no means. You need not give a name in order to be as truthful as possible and a useful blogger who makes an important addition to common knowledge and inspiration. I am only saying that your question has caused me to think about the philosophical issues, and I must say that I feel “honesty” cannot qualify the communications of an unidentified personality because it is a quality too central to the great meanings of life and righteousness.

    Thanks for the post. I found you searching the system tags for “honesty”!

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