So I’ve had a horrible week, but that has completely changed this weekend.

I lost my place in a band I loved, I managed to break my own toe, my prescription for some fairly significant drugs was an eighth of what it should have been and going back up left me collapsing all over the place.

But this weekend happened; butlins brass band contest. I went with the uni band to watch, and it was brilliant. Yes I was horrifically ill, but they were so good about it: everybody was so supportive and understanding and helpful and lovely and I was actually crying about it. It’s so different to what I got used to last year, it really touched my heart. They are also maybe trying a way to find out if I can go to unibrass, which I’m not so certain about at the minute, but even if I decide not to go, then having the option to choose will be fantastic. I feel so close to them at the moment. A little too close to one of them, but I won’t go into that… I feel so much love from them all it’s brilliant. My trombone mum (we have a brass band family tree) also got a little worse for wear from alcohol and taking her home was a rather wonderful experience, and very amusing. She’s a lovely drunk.

This is basically a fawning post. I’m in love with my band; they are mine, and I love them all.


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