It’s the end of the first week, I survived the first week.

My lecturer loved my essay. My current module is great. Today I am going away with the uni band for the weekend. Life is just good.

I’m feeling it as well. I’m finally lifting out of this depression episode, and that feeling itself is helping I think. I’m even trying to think of something bad, just to make sure it’s not false, and I can’t. That or my brain is lying to me. But I can go with that.

So yes, things are finally looking up. Thank goodness. I’m putting the house in order today for going away. We are going to the brass contest (woo!) at Butlins (ugh) Skegness (even worse). I’m sure I’ll get over the location.

I’m still part of the unibrass committee, so I feel like I can enjoy this weekend properly.

I don’t really know what else to write. I’m not 100%, I’m not entirely sure that exists. I’m about 40%. Which is good, it’s going up, which a direction I like.


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