I’m hugely disappointed. I’ll explain why later.

First of all, I apologise for my last update. I was not in a good place. As it stands, I was given an extension after sending a rather panicked email to my tutor. He was lovely, and my stress about that has gone down loads. Just to sort it so I’m happy, and then it’s in.

I’m not well though. I’m not magically better. But I am able to deal with it more effectively without my essay hanging over me. So I’m still in one piece. I’m beating me a year ago. I am proud.

My disappointment – ironically – is at the university. Last year I was denied an extension after my brain started hemorrhaging. This year, I say I’m stressed and upset and it’s handed to me on a plate. The way they deal with me has changed dramatically, and all because I tried to die. That’s just me. Not every student who struggles with any health problem. For them it could be the same, the same rubbish they have to deal with being thrown at them. The feeling that they are not welcome because of their illness. It makes us feel worthless. It makes us worse, and they can’t see it.

This. Is. Not. Good. Enough.

It needs to change, their whole approach needs to change, and it makes me angry. I was so messed up and they could be messing more students up. It’s not good enough, and it needs to change.

But enough of that. I am a little better than two days ago, and I hope to remain that way. My housemate is back tomorrow, and I, on the whole, feel positive. Happy New Year!


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