It comes together and falls apart.

I’ve been keeping busy, lots of concerts this weekend. Friday was full of rehearsals, and today I’ve been ice skating with band folk and then symphony orchestra rehearsals before the concert this evening. Dvorâk 7, alto. 20 minutes before I was due on I was doing basic maintenance on my trombone to make sure he played well and discovered that my slide was severely warped, about a centimeter out. What ensued was panic, as I thought of the damage that could have been occurring while I hadn’t noticed it, and throughout the concert I was on edge. My playing suffered a lot: my confidence was shot to pieces and tuning was difficult with a slide I could hardly move.

So yeah, a pretty disastrous evening and I’m shaky still. I really needed a good performance to show that I was able, and I failed. I’m feeling pretty down about it, and I’m now very anxious about tomorrow’s performances.

I can only try and redeem myself!


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