I hate being up and down like this. It’s horrible.

I’m on the up. Again. I’ll see how long it lasts this time. A mix of friends and good experiences helped this time. People do rally if you say you’re not alright. I can’t tell them anything, but I can say I’m not alright. We had a visit from our landlady today, and she was very pleased with the house. I may have settled housing next year (with four chemists no less!). I’ve got a good day planned tomorrow. I’ve got a new stress ‘ball’ to help with my anxiety. I’ve got another photo shoot offer from the same company (sportswear).

It’s little things that help. I still don’t know what’s causing me to feel so down and depressed at the minute. I can’t place my finger on it. I just need to keep finding positive little things. Just little things.

I’m surrounded by good friends and good support networks. I’ll keep reminding myself.


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