Things are looking up! The past few days have been good, things are getting sorted.

I saw a psychologist for the first time on Friday. My cardiologist recommended I see her to help with feeling so nervous about my heart, and she was so nice. I’m seeing her again in a few weeks, and hopefully these sessions will help me deal with the stress my heart is causing.

Also, my blood test results have come back, and are absolutely shocking. I am in rather dire straits blood wise, so that’s many more pills which may lead to another transfusion as they simply aren’t going in. As my doctor said, I have no blood cells!

Last night it was the kayak formal dinner, which was fantastic. Great people, good food, and general fun times. I even won an award for most impressive rescue… it made me laugh quite a bit as they recounted the telling of it! Everyone else was as well, one of the reasons I like them so much. Good natured with a sense of humour. Also, on kayaking news, they’re putting me on the canoe polo team! Not for skills, but so I’m still kayaking and honing skills in the safety of a controlled water area whilst I’m not allowed on a river, which I am perfectly happy with 😀

This is a babbling post I’m afraid, as I’m sat writing it in a recording studio in Manchester. Two days in here, I’m shattered. I’ve actually resorted to coffee which I really don’t like to help keep me alert. Probably hasn’t helped the babbling. But yes, things are looking up. I’m still not sleeping well, but that is being looked at. I have the money to get my main trombone fixed before my concerts next weekend. Things are on the up.

Up and up and up.


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