People can make or break your day. All it takes is a small comment or a look and your mood can change. I am encountering more and more positive changes.

My doctor, who seems to be getting to know me rather well, was joking with me about my appalling blood test and kayaking incidents.
My open door mentor, who is just lovely and understanding and doesn’t say the wrong things.
My housemate, who, after going home for the weekend, came back and started to make me laugh straight away.
The captain of the kayak club, who is so open minded at keeping me in the club and involved.
My supervisor, who seems to think that any adaptation to the course is possible for me and could be done if needed.

It’s Tuesday, and these people have lightened my week and heart. I got pretty down over the weekend, I was home alone and I just got… lonely, I guess. It was great on Monday morning when my housemate came back. We realised today that I have been full of something between cold and flu since the second week we moved in, and henceforth came to the conclusion that I am allergic to her.

There are things to be down about though, many things. My trombone is still out of action and I have a recording to do this weekend on my back-up. It’s not a bad instrument, but it’s not the same. I’m feeling the pressure of performances coming up as well, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’ve got a great support circle in every group that’s performing.

I just feel stretched I think. Still a bit lost, I’m not too sure about where I’m going at the moment. But that doesn’t matter, because I know that the people I depend on will take me on the right path.


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