I imagine there will be many blogs about the attacks in Paris yesterday, but I’m still going to write this.

I feel for everyone involved. For someone to feel so strongly about something that they resort to the murder of others for it is horrible, absolutely horrible. What makes it worse is that there is nothing in any religion that will recommend the murder of others simply because they are of another religion or belief (I am going on the information that I have read that says IS are behind the attacks).

We have the same God, the same teachings of love, tolerance, and peace. If you aren’t religious, the same desire for love and peace is taught through your lives. It’s something that is embedded in us, no matter what. It’s become a human instinct. Religion does not create good humans, we all have these lessons taught to us. Yet time and time again we hear of people carrying out mass attacks such as this one, against people who have not hurt them. I don’t understand it and it breaks my heart. How can someone have so much hate in their heart as to do that? The people who have conditioned them to be able to do this, who have brainwashed them into pawns, are the evil people here. Think of it like a chessboard: the people behind the movement of the pieces are the ones you are trying to defeat, not the little models.

I condemn these attacks. They are abhorrent. I condemn the people who planned these attacks. I condemn the people who first mistranslated whatever they did to create the idea that they must kill and hurt to glorify God or any religion. I condemn anyone who hurts in the name of any religion. That is where the poison lies.

I’ve seen on social media a lot of hate towards Muslims, and even a petition to close Britain’s borders as France has done until IS is defeated. These make me sick. Islam is a peaceful religion. But as with any belief, there are radicals. It is no excuse to class them as a terror organisation. Not every German was a Nazi, not every Muslim is a terrorist. To blame this terrible attack on all Muslims is unacceptable. As for the petition, that is quite simply ridiculous and I nearly laughed, but the simple fact that people were thinking this was a good idea scared me slightly. We cannot let such hate overcome our common sense, yet it is happening. France was the victim of a terrible attack and closing the borders made sense to ensure that nobody involved could escape: a petition to close Britain’s borders is almost an insult, a joke. We can’t stop people travelling or migrating from war zones.

So I’m sorry for a post which I’m sure is a duplicate of many on here on this dark day. But we cannot let hate overcome use as humans. Hate shouldn’t have a part in our lives. We don’t live long, so let your life have love and peace in it; enjoy people’s company, enjoy your family and friends; enjoy meeting new people; be tolerant of mistakes, and if someone tries to hurt you then be calm and try and resolve the issue without anger. We should never have to resort to violence, and nobody should ever feel they have to repeat last night’s terror.

I’m sending my love to the survivors of last nights attacks. I’m sending it to the mourning friends and families. I’m also sending it to the innocent Muslims who, today, may be feeling threatened by people. If that’s controversial, then so be it, but I will not let hate cloud my judgement. I’m sending my love and thoughts and prayers to these people. None of them deserve it ❤


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