Well things are certainly happening! All pretty bad!

To start with, I (finally) got an email about this fitness to study meeting. Great. Just great. Here comes the whole stressful procedure again.

Secondly, later on the same day I knocked a cyclist off his bike in my car. Thankfully he was alright, and was more angry at the group of students who stepped out in front of him and made him swerve in front of me. I was pretty angry as well, once I got over the whole ‘I’ve hit someone’. I don’t think the students understood though, they were Asian and just looked confused. But like I said, the cyclist was alright, and that’s all that matters.

Things happen in threes. They do…

… and it concluded today! We went out on white water with the kayaks. I was nervous enough after the splash deck debacle, and thankfully my safety man was very understanding and kind, not pushy. He was actually the same one who had to leap in the right me last time… slightly embarrassing. But anyway, going down some rapids, I turned to eject into the eddy without realising that someone had come down just behind me, resulting in their kayak nosediving into the side of my ribs. The resultant pain and breathing difficulty convinces me that I’ve managed to cracking a rib. Ouch. At least it was me getting hurt this time.

Being a trombonist by trade/degree a cracked rib is fantastic. Great news. I’m so pleased. I’d laugh if it didn’t hurt. What makes it greater is the concert tonight and competition tomorrow. Fantastic. Well up for it.

In case you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm.

On the mental health side, things are calming down, which is great. Life can get on to an even keel in some respects. I’ll have to see if that changes after this meeting.


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