I have a dilemma.

I think that someone I know has somehow found this blog, someone who didn’t even know I had one. As an anonymous writer, this is a problem. I can’t be open if I think that they know about and are reading this.

I’m hoping I may just be being paranoid. The only basis is that someone in Germany is viewing my posts, starting the same time that someone I knew went out there to study. If it’s simply a coincidence, please let me know…

However, if not, then I address this person now: Please. Please let me have this. I need it, more than I thought. You know how bad things can get and you know I can’t open up to anyone face to face. Right now I am in a dark place and I need to write but I can’t because of this doubt. I’m struggling to cope with everything. Please stop and let me have this. I need it.

If you are someone who knows me, then please tell me. I need to know because I need this blog. Thank you.


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